AISINDO_chaptersAssociation for Information Systems (AIS) is the premier professional association for individuals and organizations who lead the research, teaching, practice, and study of information systems worldwide. AIS has members from over 90 countries, and is comprised of three different regions: Region 1, the Americas; Region 2, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; and Region 3, Asia and the Pacific. More about AIS is at www.aisnet.org

AISINDO is the Indonesia chapter of AIS. In line with the AIS strategic goals, AISINDO aims to:

1. Promote the Information Systems as a discipline of knowledge, a research area, and organization practice in Indonesia.

2. Position Information Systems as a leading profession in the service of society in Indonesia.

3. Lead and promote excellence and a global standard in Information Systems education by adopting local values and context of Indonesia.

4. Explore and develop Information Systems research topics, theories,  technologies.

5. Facilitate a network development between AISINDO members and AIS members around the worlds.

6. Provide services and products to meet the diverse needs of members and Information Systems related communities in Indonesia.


What are the membership BENEFITs of AISINDO?

1. National and International Network: The most important benefit of AISINDO membership is the community network itself. By joining this international professional association you will have access to the best and brightest information systems academics and professionals, and all they have to offer. For example: looking for a research partner for applying a research grant, looking for Indonesian or International reviewers for a journal or seminar, etc.

2. Cheap/Free Trainings and Certification Exam: AISINDO regularly organizes trainings in IT; IT Management; IT Governance; IT and Business topics. AISINDO also cooperates with some international examination institutes to organize IS certification exams. As an AISINDO member you will be updated and receive an invitation for joining the trainings & exams. AISINDO members will have a special discount or even free of charge.

3. Registerd at the Indonesian Information Systems Professional (IISP) Database: AISINDO will record and publish your professional experience at the IISDP database (http://iisp.aisindo.org/) making easier for any international or national companies/organizations to find you and to connect with you.

4. Sharing opportunities and collaboration in IS Projects: AISINDO and among the members will share any opportunities for project collaborations and job vacancies in order to enhance comptencies and practical experience of the members.

5. Affiliated Conferences and Journals: if your school has a journal or an national seminar, as an AISINDO member you can apply for the AISINDO affiliated journal and conference. For the affiliated conferences/journals, AISINDO will support the promotion (publishing them in the AISINDO website and intensively to the AISINDO members), give and supply the reviewers, publish the papers on the Open Access Journal of Information Systems (OAJIS), etc.

6. Keep updated on Information Systems Curriculum, Issues, Research, Best Practices & Policies: AISINDO regularly will organize meetings and events to discuss and to recommend solutions for IS curriculum, issues, researches, and policies. As an AISINDO member you will be invited and involve the events.

7. Credit for your university: For AISINSO members who are also a lecturer, being a member of an professional association like AISINDO will also give a credit for your school accreditation.

8. AIS benefits: AISINDO members who also register for AIS global member will also have access to all AIS benefits, including e-library (AIS eLibrary), international conferences (The International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) & Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) & AIS-affiliated conferences), travel benefits, and career placements (http://aisnet.org/?MembershipBenefits)


1. AIS Council Approval, date: September 23, 2013, signed by Pete Tinsley, CAE (Executive Director of AIS), Amanda S. Bureau, CAE, CVA (Membership Development Director), and Tmitri Owens, MPA (Member Service Center Director).

AISINDO has been listed as one of the AIS regional chapters: http://aisnet.org/?AISChapters

2. Keputusan Menteri Hukum dan Hak Asasi Manusia Republik Indonesia Nomor AHU-07029.50.10.2014 tentang Pengesahan Badan Hukum Yayasan Asosiasi Sistem Informasi Indonesia (AISINDO)

3. Akte Notaris Nomor 68 Tanggal 23 September 2014, dibuat oleh Notaris Siti Nurul Yuliami, S.H., M.Kn. di Surabaya

4. Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak (NPWP) 71.097.552.5-606.000

Association for Information Systems – Indonesia chapter (AISINDO) has been officially announced at ISICO 2013, Bali 2-4 Dec 2013 by Prof. Doug Vogel (Immediate Past President AIS) companied by Dr. Ari Santoso (Director of ICT Center for Education Kemendikbud), Prof. Eko Indrajit (Chairman of APTIKOM), Tony D Susanto, Ph.D.(Coordinator of AISINDO) & Dr. Mahendrawati (Vice Dean of FTIf-ITS)

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AISINDO inauguration

AISINDO inauguration








Association for Information Systems (AIS) adalah organisasi profesi terkemuka yang menaungi dan melayani individu maupun organisasi peneliti, akademisi, dan praktisi Sistem Informasi seluruh dunia. AIS (www.aisnet.org) telah memiliki anggota tersebar di 90 negara dengan memiliki cabang resmi (chapter) di 36 negara termasuk AISINDO sebagai chapter Indonesia.

Selaras dengan tujuan strategis AIS, AISINDO bertujuan:

1. Memposisikan dan mempromosikan Sistem Informasi sebagai disiplin ilmu, bidang penelitian, dan implementasi praktis organisasi/bisnis di Indonesia.

2. Memposisikan Sistem Informasi sebagai sebuah profesi terkemuka di masyarakat Indonesia.

3. Mewujudkan sistem pendidikan Sistem Informasi berkelas dunia dengan mengakomodasi nilai-nilai dan konteks lokal Indonesia.

4. Menggali topik penelitian, pengembangan teori, dan teknologi Sistem Informasi

5. Membantu dan memfasilitasi pengembangan jaringan kerjasama antar anggota AISINDO maupun dengan anggota AIS di seluruh dunia.

6. Melayani anggota dan komunitas terkait Sistem Informasi di Indonesia.

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