AISINDO Programs

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AISINDO has regular and long-term programs:

Program Name Notes Targeted Audiences
Annual National Symposium A thematic forum to propose and to evaluate AISINDO programs/committee, and to discuss current IS issues in Indonesia. The forum is delivered in Indonesian language. Seminar Nasional Sistem Informasi Indonesia (SESINDO) is a national seminar in Information Systems that has been organized for 6 times by 2013.To facilitate the organization of the AISINDO annual national symposium, it could be organized in conjunction with the SESINDO. Indonesian IS Professional, IS Researchers, Academicians, government, and representatives of 280 IS Schools in Indonesia.
Biennial International Conference(Chapter Conference)  An international conference for updating and publishing IS trends and technologies, IS researches, and IS practices among international IS researchers, professionals, and academicians. Information Systems International Conference (ISICO) is an international conference in Information Systems that has been organized for twice by 2013 in Indonesia. The ISICO will be proposed as the chapter conference for AISINDO. IS Researchers and Academics in Asia Pacific, representatives of other AIS chapters especially from ASEAN countries.
IS Research Boot camp A special program for assisting IS researchers, doctoral candidates and prospective doctoral students to formulate their research topic(s). This program will also invite any international/national universities/ organizations that offer doctoral scholarships/projects and seek for the candidates. Doctoral students and prospective doctoral students.
IS Curriculum Clinic A program for updating IS trends and IS curriculum, and assisting IS schools to best plan and evaluate their curriculum. This annual program will also discuss the local content of the curriculum to address national needs. 280 IS Schools in Indonesia.
 IS teaching  sharing A program for sharing and elaborating the pedagogical techniques in transferring IS knowledge in the class. IS teaching sharing is an extension program of the IS Curriculum Clinic which mainly focuses on the class interaction between students and lecturers/trainers. Faculty member and lecturers of 280 IS schools in Indonesia.
IS Best practice sharing sessions An insightful program for companies or governmental organizations to share their best practices of IT implementation. This insightful program will also be beneficial for IS academicians to find research topics. Business practitioners, government staff, IS Professionals.
IS/IT Training & Certification I-AIS will cooperate with more than 10 professional societies, trade organizations, and private certifier in Indonesia to organize training and certification programs in IS/IT competencies. This program will help IS schools to well equip their students with sufficient knowledge and skills to meet market demands. This program will also assist business and government organizations in improving their IS human resources. IS Schools, IS Professionals, and government organizations in Indonesia.
IS International Journal An AISINDO International Journal IS researchers, academicians, students, and practitioners
An opened access repository/database for all IS publications in Indonesia   A repository/database system for storing any IS related writings/publications in Indonesia. IS conferences proceeding, IS journals, student researches, IS project reports.
Active contributing on IS related issues at country level To represent the IS professionals at country level to influence/contribute on all IS related matters such as IS/IT standard of practice, ethics, government policy and education. Government, industry, community

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