Affiliated Conferences

As an AIS member, you can receive member-only registration fees and discounts on other affiliated conferences, including chapter conferences and those sponsored by or affiliated with AIS.

As an AISINDO (AIS-Indonesia chapter) member, you can also receive a discounts on AISINDO affiliated conferences in Indonesia.

AISINDO supports designated conferences, workshops, or trainings in Information Systems topics in Indonesia that deliver the same high standard of scholarly work as the association. These events may be run by AISINDO partners or any organizations which apply and are approved for affiliation.

Below is a list of AISINDO and AIS affiliate conferences. If you have any questions about becoming an AISINDO-affiliated conference, please contact Ms. Amna by email:

AISINDO Affiliated Conferences


AIS Chapter Conferences

Conferences Hosted by AIS Affiliated Organizations

For more information about becoming recognized as an AIS affiliated conference, please refer to Administrative Bulletin 2010.1206.1.