AISINDO Membership

AIS global memberships (

All AISINDO members are recommended to register for Association for Information Systems (AIS) global member at:
An active AISINDO member, who is also registered as an active AIS global member, has privilege to be elected and  to vote for the AISINDO Committee.

To see current AISINDO members in AIS database, click this button: Indonesian AIS members


AISINDO Member (

If you registered for AISINDO member but did not register for AIS global, you can involve as AISINDO Task Force, but you cannot vote and be elected as the AISINDO Committee.

All AISINDO Members will be invited in the AISINDO mailing list and WhatApp Group and get updated with every AISINDO Program. The most important benefit of being an AISINDO Professional member or an AISINDO member is the community itself, the national and international networks.


# HOW TO JOIN AISINDO? See the procedure here

# AISINDO Membercard

Just in case you need to get the printed membercard, please request through Member Service Officer at

The membercard can provide some benefits, such as:

  1. Improve your department accreditation
  2. Improve your  university accreditation
  3. Improve a lecturer’s KUM
  4. Get Discount for every registration fees of AISINDO programs and AISINDO affiliated conferences
  5. And other benefits

# The list of AISINDO members can be seen here

# Membership Renewal Procedure is available here =

# Any questions? Please contact the Member Service Officer at WA/SMS/Phone: +62 8123037371 or email to: