Main issue: IS/IT Talent Crisis


Aim: To connect the dots between academia and industry to solve IS/IT talent issue


Connecting the dot between academia and industry

Information Systems Chief Information Officer Forum (IS CIO Forum) is a gateway for Information Systems leaders and professionals across different sectors from government, industry, to academia. This forum is initiated to facilitate them to mingle with their fellow and to discuss about the latest trends and issues in Information Systems. The same event last year only focused on academic side. This year, we aim to connect academia with industry as well as to highlight talent crisis issues, a spoken gap between academia and industry. The event will be held as a conference consists of panel discussions, talk shows, and pitches.

IS CIO Forum 2018 will be opened with the Opening Speech from Mr. Rudiantara, our Minister of Communication and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia. Then, it will be followed by Keynote speech from Mr. Triawan Munaf, Chairman of Indonesia Creative Economy Council (BEKRAF), and Remarks from President of Indonesia Chamber of Commerce (KADIN), Mr. Rosan Roeslani.

In this event, we will try to examine and answer some of strategic questions as follow:

  • Does Indonesia experience IS/IT talents crisis?
  • Does the significantly different millennial generation cause the crisis to happen?
  • Is the new trend such as Industry 4.0 force everything to change?
  • In which sectors do those phenomena occur? Is it industry or startup?
  • In which parts do they emerge? Is it on the recruitment process, on the performance, or on other human resources areas?
  • How startup recruitment method fix talent pool problem?
  • Startup Salary & Compensation: Guide and Insight?
  • Startup Recruitment Tools and Cheat sheet?
  • What Startup See in A Candidate, How it Differ From Corporate World?
  • What Really Happen to Employee When Startup Exit?
  • Startup Way: Groom or Pro Hire, Which is which?
  • Moving From Corporate to Startup, What to Expect?

During the event we will also invite Information Systems Department Leaders Forum to discuss about the roles IS professionals should bring. The forum will host more than 140 IS Department leaders from various universities and institutes in Indonesia.

We will also hold IS Career Festival during this event so that companies can recruit IS professionals and talents during this event. We believe that this is the first career festival in Indonesia focusing on IS/IT career or professions. We collaborate with to manage this IS Career Festival. In congruence with our focus in IS/IT talents, we also try to simplify the job application process by going digital to avoid excessive use of printed documents. All the applicants are only need to scan the company QR code that we provided to send their job application and visit the company stand to have a conversation with the company HR teams or representatives. Most importantly, this IS Career Festival is free of charge.

IS CIO Forum will be held on :

­čŚô 5 – 6 December 2018

­čĆŤat Balai Kartini – Jakarta, where prominent technology events frequently exhibit.


The two-day event covers the following programs:

  • Main panel
  • CEO & CIO talks
  • Directors Panel
  • System and Business Analyst, and IT Consultant Panel
  • Auditor, Project Manager, and ERP Analyst Panel
  • Startup Panel
  • IOT and Data Scientist Panel
  • Startup HR Panel
  • IS/IT Career Festival & special HR Panel from exhibiting companies
  • AISINDO Annual Meeting (Day Two only)
  • Many special event from our sponsors.

The speakers will share the lesson learned from their profession, their view about opportunities and challenges faced by IS/IT professionals, other valuable insights on people development, and discuss the aforementioned questions.

Insights gained from each sessions and panels will be composed as recommendations to solve IS/IT talents issues. The recommendation will be released in AISINDO Annual Meeting on the Day two. Through the event, especially the Networking session, all participants from academy background and IS/IT professionals as well as the industry and startup leaders are encouraged to connect to build mutual partnership.

The speakers will share the lesson learned from their profession, their view about opportunities and challenges faced by IS/IT professionals, and other valuable insights on people development.

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Ticket Price

Early Bird (until 28st October 2018)

Two Days: Rp 1.500.000,-

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Day 2 only: Rp 900.000,-


First Release (until 17th November 2018)

Two Days: Rp 1.800.000,-

Day 1 only: Rp 1.000.000,-

Day 2 only: Rp 1.000.000,-


Second Release (until 25th November 2018)

Two Days: Rp 2.000.000,-

Day 1 only: Rp 1.200.000,-

Day 2 only: Rp 1.200.000,-


Reguler (until 4th December 2018)

Two Days: Rp 2.200.000,-

Day 1 only: Rp 1.500.000,-

Day 2 only: Rp 1.500.000,-


On the Spot

Two Days: Rp 2.500.000,-

Day 1 only: Rp 1.900.000,-

Day 2 only: Rp 1.900.000,-


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Student Discount: 30%**


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