Membership Benefits

AISINDO members receive a number of benefits:

1. National and International Network: The most important benefit of AISINDO membership is the community network itself. By joining this international professional association you will have access to the best and brightest information systems academics and professionals, and all they have to offer. For example: looking for a research partner for applying a research grant, looking for Indonesian or International reviewers for a journal or seminar, etc.

2. Cheap/Free Trainings: AISINDO regularly organizes trainings in IT; IT Management; IT Governance; IT and Business topics. As an AISINDO member you will be updated and receive an invitation for joining the trainings. AISINDO members will have a special discount or even free of charge.

3. Affiliated Conferences and Journals: if your school has a journal or an national seminar, as an AISINDO member you can apply for the AISINDO affiliated journal and conference. For the affiliated conferences/journals, AISINDO will support the promotion (publishing them in the AISINDO website and intensively to the AISINDO members), give and supply the reviewers, publish the papers on the Open Access Journal of Information Systems (OAJIS), etc.

4. Keep updated on Information Systems Curriculum, Issues, Research, Best Practices & Policies: AISINDO regularly will organize meetings and events to discuss and to recommend solutions for IS curriculum, issues, researches, and policies. As an AISINDO member you will be invited and involve the events.

5. Credit for your university: For AISINSO members who are also a lecturer, being a member of an professional association like AISINDO will also give a credit for your school accreditation.

6. AIS benefits: AISINDO members who also register for AIS member will also have access to all AIS benefits, including e-library (AIS eLibrary), international conferences (The International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) & Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) & AIS-affiliated conferences), travel benefits, and career placements (